ag·nos ag-ˈnäs, əg-, proper noun

1: a corporation who achieves IT cost savings and operations excellence for its clients.

2: a corporation who sees capitalism not only through the lens of profit but in a broader social and human context.


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Our Mission

To optimize our client’s IT costs and IT Operations in a substantial, impactful, and lasting way and constantly build a great firm that attracts exceptional, passionate, socially minded people and inspires them to leverage technology to build a permanent bridge across the Digital Divide. About Us

Our IT service delivery model brings Top Gun technology consultants to client projects but also, without compromising schedule, quality, cost or risk, staffs resources that would benefit personally and economically from greater exposure to IT. This may include veterans, minority high school and college students, seniors and people with disabilities just to name a few. These resources help drive down client project costs down while giving ambitious and deserving resources a chance to benefit from the technology revolution changing the world.

"I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land..." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

We are a values and purpose-driven organization.

We strive for world changing business and social impact. Our name, Agnos, in Latin means to “not know” which means we challenge ourselves every day to question and resolve the “Known Unknowns” of our client’s business and IT operations while also solving for the “Known Unknowns” surrounding the Digital Divide.





80 Percent

Percentage of C-level executives who don’t feel they have a comprehensive understanding of their IT Total Cost to Serve the Business and related Return on Investment (ROI). How well does your IT organization understand its cost to serve the business? How capable is y0ur IT organization to identify and act on opportunities for substantial, immediate and impactful cost savings?


$26.5 billion

Revenue that is lost each year from IT downtime whether related to natural or man made outages such as security breaches. Approximately 80 percent of IT organizations do not have an updated business continuity/disaster recovery plan that has been adequately tested.What is the state of your business continuity/disaster recovery plan and your readiness for an extended outage?

9/10 CIOs

Fortune 500 CIOs that say they have received 100% of the savings they expected from their cloud computing projects.What is your IT and organizational readiness to exploit the benefits of cloud computing?




7% of all Technology Start-ups

Agnos Known Unknown: Why do women only account for 7 percent of tech start ups in the U.S.? Why were only 7 percent of all Bachelor’s-level engineering degrees conferred to women and why do women make up only 20 percent of all information technology professionals?

70,000 U.S. Veterans

Agnos Known Unknown: Almost 70,000 veterans were homeless at least 1 night in 2012. Why has the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans been consistently higher than the national rate?

2% of all IT Programmers

Agnos Known Unknown: Why do African and Hispanic Americans make up less than 10% of all IT workers in the United States? Why were less than 1% of funded Start Ups started by minorities in 2012? Why do Hispanic-Americans only make up 9% of all IT programmers and African-Americans only 2%?


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